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Vignola, Giacomo Barozzi da [Le Muet, Pierre]: Reigles des cinq ordres d'architecture de Vignolle. Reveues augmentees et reduittes de grand en petit. Par Le Muet. Avec Privilege du Roy. A Paris, ches[sic.] N. Langlois, rue St. Iacques, a la Victoire. [later 17th century].

A composite volume comprising an intaglio-printed illustrated architectural handbook after the Renaissance master Vignola (1507-1573) with a manuscript guide to architecture. The manuscript is written over 40 pages and bound before and after the printed work. Providing also a very visible display of contemporary binding techniques, the volume is bound in uncovered boards.

The manuscript part comprises sections titled "Proportions to follow for the construction of orders of architecture" (Des proportions qu'on doit garder pour la construction des ordres d'architecture) ( 6 pp.); "what is architecture" (Qu'est-ce que architecture) (1 p.); a page of diagrams headed "different lines" and "mouldings" (Des differentes lignesDes moulures); and further sections called "what are mouldings?" (Qu'est-ce que Moulure) (3 pp.); "explanation of several terms of architecture by Mr. Daviler king's architect" (Explication de quelques termes de l'architecture par le sieur Daviler architecte du roy) (3 pp.); "ornaments" (Des ornements) (2 pp.); "leaves, and other ornament" (Des feüilles, & autre ornement) (16 pp.); "relief, protuberance and symmetry" (Du rélief, de la saillie, & de la simettrie) (3 pp.) and "other terms concerning buildings" (Autre terme touchant les Bâtimens) (5 pp.). The author uses as a source for definitions of terms the Dictionnaire d'architecture of Charles-Augustin d'Aviler (1653-1701).


One volume, 16 cms. x 10.4 cms., pp. [4], 101 [1], unsigned. With 50 intaglio illustrations (numbered I-L). Plates I-XL have text in intaglio to verso, within double-ruled intaglio borders. (Plates XLI-L have versos blank). Some misbinding (pages appear in order 1-78, 83-90, 79-82, 99-100, 91-98, 101 [1]). Bifolium with pp. 85-88 loose. Light or medium browning, waterstaining, bound in uncovered boards, edges stained black. Some scoring and inking to front board. Bound with 40 pp. manuscript architectural notes including one page of diagrams, this last on a leaf pasted to verso of p. 101 of printed book. MS notes below intaglio printed text on p. 30, some minor addition in MS to illustrations.