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[Diorama]: [The Assumption of the Virgin Mary]. [Northern Spain] [18th-cent.]

An unusual mixed-media boxed and glazed composition incorporating sequinned fabrics, painted glass, and painted-on paper, and showing, in a three-layered image, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, with below, the Death of the Virgin, with onlookers behind. In terms of technique, much of the piece belongs to the tradition of making religious images by incorporating cut-up prints with fabric (sometimes called ‘dressed prints’ although this strictly means a decorated print). The difference is that a print has not been used (for the faces, hands, and limbs of Virgin and angels) - instead paper with hand-painted illustration. Also painted is the verso of the glazing (to show a scene around the Death of the Virgin, with painted angels above), and a piece of glass behind the paper and fabric image of the Virgin, showing onlookers to the death of the Virgin, with clouds above. The fabric and paper image of the Virgin with angels is itself mounted on a piece of glass that is set between the two others and this gives it the impression of floating in air. The construction of the box, with its pieces of glass, and fine wooden inlay to outer surfaces, has been carefully done. An interesting and unusual object.


Wooden box, 52 cms. x 43 cms. x 7.5 cms, with at centre of front, a piece of glass, 37.4 cms. x 27.9 cms., behind which, the three-layered image as discussed above. Some loss and damage to paint on glass, some cracking and loss to internal pieces of glass, the composition repaired and stabilised. The box covered in polished and inlaid wood, some damage but mostly intact, two (out of three) hanging rings.