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[Milan. Collegio dei Patellani] Receipt for sundries at a boys’ educational establishment, totalling 160 lire, 5 soldi, signed by the rector Giovanni Battista Ramelli. [Milan] [Document dated in MS 1737, 9 November].

Receipt from a private boys’ educational institution, the Collegio dei Patellani, which was founded in the 17th century by Carlo Patellani for the education of his and other Milanese high-born families. The payment of 160 lire 5 soldi had been received from Tomasso Gavigliani in advance for the next three months, for stay at the boarding house of his brother, Abbate Giuseppe Gavigliani. The largest part of the bill consisted of general boarding fees. There were also payments to servants, for bed and linen, and candles. Regarding the engraver of the large armorial to head, Benezit lists a Giovanni Paolo Bianchi of Milan, who used initials ‘P.B.’, and who worked prolifically in Milan between the years 1621 and 1646, and possibly later.


Single sheet, 26.4 cms. x 17.6 cms., printed to recto, with to head, large etched and engraved armorial, 16 cms. x 10.8 cms., by Paolo Bianchi, Milan (see above). Below this, 20 lines letterpress, with space for manuscript (filled in). Central horizontal foldline, very good.