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[Academic speeches] [Franeker, University of]: [Sammelband of works by various authors]. [Franeker and elsewhere] [1684-1767]. 

Sammelband of twelve academic speeches, offering a good, broad window into early Enlightenment and Enlightenment thought and argument. Nine come from a now-defunct Dutch university, Franeker (1585-1811). The others are from Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, Leiden, and Duisburg in Germany. Interestingly, Leeuwarden and Duisburg also became defunct, in the Napoleonic era.

The authors can address very engaging subjects. A German-Dutch physician, Frederik Winter (1712-60), writes on questions of certainty in medicine ([IV], [V]). A scholar of eastern languages, Samuel Hendrik Manger (1735-1791), discusses ([VI]) imaginary travel in the Holy Land, and ([VII]) Christianity in Arab lands. A physician and botanist, Tiberius Lambergen (1717-1763), gives a speech ([IX]) on the subject of the relationship of natural history and medicine. A physicist, Anton Brugmans (1732-1789), speaks ([XI]) on mathematics and philosophy. Law speeches include one ([II]), by Christiaan Hendrik Trotz (1703-1773) on freedom of thought and speech amongst the ancient Roman jurists. 

Contents are, in full:

[I] Zacharias Huber, Oratio de usu atque autoritate juris Romani in Frisia (1695) (STCN 83037079X). Pp. 46. OCLC shows copies outside Netherlands in Oxford and Heidelberg.

[II] Christiaan Hendrik Trotz, Oratio inauguralis de libertate sentiendi, dicendique, jurisconsultis propria (1741) (STCN 227902300). Pp. [4] ‘102’ (recte 106) [2]. First Latin edition (a Dutch edition was also produced). OCLC shows copy outside Netherlands at Bibliothèque Nationale.

[III] Herman Cannegieter, Oratio inauguralis de multiplici et varia veterum juris consultorum doctrina (1751) (STCN 151546592). Pp. [4] 68. OCLC shows copy outside Netherlands at Tübingen.

[IV] Friderik Winter, Oratio de certitudine in medicina (Leeuwarden [1740]) (STCN 156682028). Pp. [4] 52. Blake 492. OCLC shows copies in seven locations outside Netherlands, of which one outside mainland Europe (National Library of Medicine).

[V] Id., Oratio inauguralis de certitudine in medicina practica (1747) (STCN 291922163). Pp. [4] 151 [1]. Second issue (first is dated 1746). OCLC shows two copies of either issue outside mainland Europe (National Library of Medicine and Wellcome, both first issue).

[VI] Samuel Hendrik Manger, Oratio inauguralis, de incremento philologiae sacrae ab idonea Arabiae atque Palaestinae exploratione sperando (1762) (STCN 238128016). Pp. [4] 67 [1]. OCLC shows one copy outside mainland Europe (Jewish Theological Seminary).

[VII] Id., Oratio inauguralis de fatis christianæ religionis apud Arabas (1767) (STCN 151546738). Pp. [4] 53 [3]. OCLC shows copies outside Netherlands in Bibliothèque Nationale and Yale.

[VIII] Jacobus Tollius, De fontibus eloquentiæ oratio inauguralis (Leiden 1684) (STCN 169188612). Pp. [6] 32. OCLC shows copy outside Netherlands at University of Duisburg Essen.

[IX] Tiberius Lambergen, Oratio inauguralis de amico historiæ naturalis cum medicina connubio (1751) (STCN 151544212). Pp. [4] 79 [1]. OCLC shows copies outside Netherlands at Hunt Institute PA, British Library, Erlangen, Darmstadt and Tübingen.

[X] Johannes Ratelband, Oratio inauguralis. De pietate christiana theologo prorsus necessaria (1767) (STCN 310361729). Pp. [4] 64 [12]. OCLC shows copy outside Netherlands at Duke.

[XI] Anton Brugmans, Oratio inauguralis de sensu communi, matheseos et philosophiæ matre (1761) (STCN 151558221). Pp. [4] 74 [2]. OCLC locates one copy outside mainland Europe (Michigan).

[XII] Henricus Hulsius, Encaenia Brandeburgica reformata, seu memoria laeti ejus temporis (Duisburg 1713) (not in VD18). Pp. 34 [2], including final blank. OCLC shows one copy, at RheinMain.


12 works in one volume, 29.6 cms. x 21.5 cms., folio, contents as described below. Light browning and waterstaining, some loosening to text block. Bound in 18th-cent. half calf and speckled brown paper-covered boards, binding somewhat rubbed and worn, but still good. Manuscript contents list to front free endpaper, in ink, amended in blue pencil.