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[Gunpowder] [England and Wales. Parliament]: An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, assembled in parliament, for the making of Salt-peter, within the Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales, for the Preservation and Safety of the Kingdom. [London] Printed for Edward Husbands, 1644, April 5.

Civil War order empowering "Salt-peter Men", collectors of saltpeter, saltpetre, or potassium nitrate, the active ingredient in traditional gunpowder, which was obtained from effluent in pigeon-houses etc. "Whereas the great expence of Gunpowder, occasioned by the present Warre within His Majesties Dominions, hath well neer consumed the old store, and [...] divers forraign Estates have of late prohibited the exportation of Salt-Peter and Gunpowder [...] it is Ordained [...] that such Persons as shall be nominated [...] shall have Power [...] to search and dig for Salt-Peter in all Pigeon-houses, Stables, Cellars, Vaults, empty Warehouses, & other Out-houses, Yards and places likely to afford that earth [...]" The salt-peter men are required afterwards to level the ground and make good any damage they do. They can also demand the use of horses and carts, out-houses, and running water for their work.


4to., pp. 8. Title within decorative border. Light foxing and browning, a good copy, disbound. Numbered to title-page ‘78’ and ‘2962’.

ESTC R 176135. Wing E 1992.