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Schlibnigg, Bruno (praes.); Stockhamer, Josephus Antonius (resp.): Anima una et trina [...] [Bound with:] Linsing, Peter (praes.); Lospichler, Fridericus Ignatius (resp.:): Isagoge physiologica, sive principia corporis humani [...] sub triplici schemate, Galenico chymico, et atomistico, unacum parergid, ex universa medicina [...] (and one other work, described below). [Salzburg], typis Joannis Baptistae Mayr [[Innsbruck], typis haeredum Jacobi Christophori Wagner] [1686] [1709].

Sammelband including two rare Austrian university medical dissertations, the first a commentary on Aristotle's De Anima from the University of Salzburg. Subjects include the parts of the body, veins and arteries, disease, nutrition, sleep and dreaming, the senses, intellection and memory. The second dissertation, from the University of Innsbruck, is a study of the principles of physiognomy from Galenic, chemical, and atomistic traditions or perspectives. Included are discussions of Paracelsus, Oswald Croll, Johannes Crato von Krafftheim, and René Descartes. This last is followed by general statements about physiology, hygiene, pathology, semiology and therapeutics.

Bound before these two works is a third dissertation - Michael Langbartner, praes. (Bernard Lidl, resp.) Divinae gratiae magnalia in S. Michaele angelorum omnium principe, scholastice, dogmatice & historice expensa (Salzburg [1714]) (pp. [16] 165 [3]). This is a study of the Archangel Michael.


4to., 3 works in 1 vol., the two listed above have pp. [8] 152 [8]; [12] 232 [4]. Woodcut typographical decoration and initials. Second work with medium browning (not heavy), title-page to this item with weakening to gutter (including small hole in blank) and some soiling. Otherwise occasional minor staining but very good, bound in contemporary pigskin boards, decorated in blind, title in ink on spine, all edges blue, remains of tabs and clasps (rubbed, wear and a few holes to spine, slight loosening from text block at joints, but binding very good). Last work in vol. with date added to title-page.

Schlibnigg diss.: not in VD17; OCLC (01/16) shows copies at Bayerische SB, Regensburg, Fulda, Penn. Linsing diss.: OCLC shows copies at Augsburg, Freiburg, BL, Bayerische SB, Munich UB. Langbartner diss.: OCLC shows copies at Bamberg, Augsburg, BNF (2?).