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Sammelband containing:

  1. [Burley, Walter, pseudo-]: Vita omnium philosophorum et poetarum […]. [Paris?, de Marnef (device owner), c.1517 based on device].
  2. [Erasmus, Desiderius]: Dialogus viri cuiuspiam eruditissimi [...] [Paris, Jean (/Gilles?) de Gourmont, c.1518].
  3. [Hustuberro, Bernardus de]: Itinerarium Clericorum. Paris, Jean du Pré (II), Pierre Gaudoul [c.1519 based on device].
  4. [Instructions for Priests]: Instructio seu Alphabetum sacerdotum [...] Paris, Jean Petit [1507 or later based on device].
  5. [Instructions for Priests]: Cura clericalis Lege Relege. [Paris: Pierre Gaudoul (device owner), c.1515 based on device]
  6. [Amelius, Joannes]: Instructio virorum ecclesiasticorum. Paris, Regnault Chaudière & Jean du Pré (II) [c.1520 based on dedication].
  7. [Royal Acts]: Les reformatio[n]s des previleges des universitez […] Paris, Guillaume Nyverd, 1506.

This visually attractive Sammelband contains unlocated and rare post-incunables, and includes two woodcut illustrations. The seven publications are linked by their imprint location: all were likely or certainly printed in Paris. Four instructions for priests are sandwiched between a biographical compendium of ancient authors, a satirical dialogue attacking Pope Julius II, and a royal act relating to university privileges. The somewhat eclectic compilation survives in a contemporary binding, indicating that these publications were put together at an early stage—thus providing an interesting insight into the history of reading.


Seven publications in one volume, octavo, 14 x 10 cms in binding. All publications complete. Fols. [96], [36], [24], [12], [16], XXIIII, [12]. Decorative printed initial(s) in publications 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. One woodcut illustration apiece in publications 6 and 7.

Binding: contemporary green-stained reversed alum-tawed hair-sheep or goat over boards made of laminated sheets. Medieval manuscript fragments on parchment reused to form guards around free endpapers.

Condition (textblock): Light browning and soiling or staining to paper; single wormhole to the first 16 fols. of publication 1 affecting at most 1 or 2 letters per page; flaw affecting two words on sig. a8v in publication 5. Condition (binding): Rubbing and slight wear, very small tear to covering material at tail of spine, a few single wormholes to front cover and front endpapers (wormtrails at inside front cover), one small further hole to second front endpaper.

Provenance: formerly owned by Jacques / Jacobus Prenost [or possibly Prevost], possibly a canon.