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[Luis I, king of Spain] Fernández Pacheco y Zúñiga, Juan Manuel: Relacion de las reales exequias que se celebraron por el señor D. Luis primero rey de España, nuestro señor, que esta en el cielo. En Madrid, en la Imprenta de Musica, por Miguèl de Rèzola. Año de 1725.

Commemorative publication for the short-lived Luis I of Spain (1707-1724), great grandson of France's Louis XIV, who reigned for seven months. It includes an account of his life and death, and a large print, made probably by Juan Bernabé Palomino (1692-1777) after designs by the painter and architect Teodoro de Ardemans (1661-1726), of an elaborate catafalque in the church of the Royal Convent of the Incarnation (Real Convento de la Encarnacion) in Madrid. Verse and mottoes placed in the church are recorded in the book, including the texts for 86 emblems, which are described (although not illustrated). Emblem XII (118-119) is a representation of Spain and America, with verse. Epigrams placed around the catafalque include a series for Europe, Africa, Asia and America (90-91).

An account of the service that was held includes names of all the notable people present. The book includes a 60-page funeral oration, by the Trinitarian monk and royal preacher José Navajas.


One volume, 21.3 cms. x 15 cms. in binding, quarto, pp. 180 [66] + fold-out intaglio print, sheet 71.5 cms. x 35 cms., plate signed Theodorus, Ardemans (i.e. Teodoro de Ardemans (c.1661-1726)) and Js. ã Palom.o (probably Juan Bernabé Palomino (1692-1777)). Typographical decoration to border of title-page and elsewhere, woodcut headpiece and factotum initial to p. 3, two printed tail-pieces. Roman and italic letter. Light browning, some slight staining and dustiness (including at pp. 104-105, where the (bulky) folded up plate is bound, its width allowing dust in), tear to fold-out at inner margin on either side of where it is bound in. Bound in laced case vellum binding, remains of loop and button fastenings (slips removed at head of joints, loosening text block). 


CCPB000073159-5. OCLC shows copies outside Spain at Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art (Paris), and Harry Ransom Research Center (Austin, TX).

On Navajas, see Antonino de la Asuncion, Diccionario de escritores Trinitarios de España y Portugal (Rome, 1898-1899), II, 162.