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Chumacero y Carrillo, Juan; Pimentel, Domingo: Memorial de su Magestad Catolica, que dieron a nuestro muy Santo Padre Urbano Papa VIII. D. Fray Domingo Pimentel Obispo de Cordova, y D. Iuan Chumaçero, y Carrillo de su Consejo, y Camara, en la embajada, à que vinieron el año de 6333 incluso en el, otro, que presentaron los Reynos de Castilla juntos en cortes el año antecediente, sobre diferentes agravios, que reciben en las expediciones de Roma, de que piden reformacion, fol. 1. Respuesta, que entregò Monseñor Maraldi Secretario de Breues de orden de su Santidad, en satisfaccion a los Capitulos referidos, fol. 41. Replica, que entregaron los mismos a su Santidad, respondiendo al descargo, que se popuso en cada uno de los Capitulos, fol. 55. [Madrid?] [1633?]

First edition of this text revealing a celebrated diplomatic spat, following a Spanish embassy to Rome of 1633. The Spanish authors (Fray Domingo Pimentel, bishop of Cordoba and his secretary Juan Chumaçero y Carrillo) take issue in this report with the venality, corruption and poor administration that they encounter in the holy city. Their charges are countered (pp. 41-53) by the Vatican Secretary, Maraldi, who, is then in turn refuted thoroughly (pp. 55-160). The authors of the report emphasise Spain's role in the Catholic world. "[The Spanish Crown] has conquered a new world to the faith, and is always continuing the promulgation of the Gospel in new kingdoms and provinces of the East and West Indies, expending its treasure and vassals on this. Who provides the manpower, and sustains the Holy Places of Jerusalem? Constantinople's monks? Or those who preach in Persia, Japan, China and England, with such shedding of blood, and number of martyrdoms?"

The work was reprinted in 1661 and also in the 19th century.


Folio, pp. [4] 160 (i.e. 158) [2]. With first and final blanks. Woodcut initials and tail-piece. Text in printed compartments. First bifolium loosening, light browning, spotting and foxing, still a good, clean, generously-margined copy, bound in contemporary or early stiffened vellum, ruled in gilt with gilt corner-pieces to covers and gilt decorations to spine, binding slightly dusty and spotted, loosening from text block at top joint, bottom cover with tears, along sides, at lower joint, and on surface (with loss of vellum). Title with monogram of Dukes of Palmela.

Palau 67968. CCPB000056805-8. OCLC (2010) records copies outside Spain at Illinois, Ohio State, Austin Texas, Berkeley, NLS.